Introducing the Futurists

Introducing the Futurists

In an age where freedom was a relic of cliché, an ominous cynicism conquers.  An insatiable hunger for life dominates, and a desire for nonconformism overflows.  Information superhighways preside over lives in fast lanes, and mundanity erodes to lifestyles defined by constraint.  It’s an era of fixed boundaries between the pedestrian and the prosaic where the bourgeois is normative.

Futurists Main

Enter the futurists: defined by an intrepid approach to the institutional, a pentalogy of pioneers dare to redefine the conventions of destiny.  United under a common paradigm, the protagonist quintet take the first steps to believe that:

“We are defined not by the worlds in which we live but by the worlds we create.”

Restless for adventure, they exist between landscapes where unparalleled imagination & innovation dominate.  Seeking journeys rather than destinations, they know that the greatest journey is the one within.    Whilst they seek the stars for inspiration, they know that looking above is like looking back in time; the time to live was now and the world they sought was conceived and commenced from inside, where anything is possible.


An artist is an explorer and a creator of worlds.  From thinkers to innovators to wanderers, brave new lands are conceived where possibility is defined by choice, not chance.  Defined by rebellion, confidence and unparalleled creativity, the visionary talents are architects of fate & authors of the future.  Originating from different walks of art, they conceive a new era of unconvention where a newfound lust for life breaks through the boundaries of restraint and unites the most diverse types of people from all walks. Together they lead a novel generation that where they are the dancers of their own destines, the tattooists upon time, the poets of providence, and the writers on the wheels of fortunes.

This novel age is an epoch of permeable borders between subculture and society, between the persona and popular mass movement.  A flow of creativity pours through the air and self-expression surmounts. This newly founded cosmopolis is like a never-ending intoxication where anything is possible.

Discover the five futurists who forged their fates:

The Believer



Ming Xi is a model and actress from Shanghai, China.


A performer of predetermination, Ming believes that identity & success are the result of choice


The Believer’s Bag: The Milla


The Innovator



Benjamin Milan is a dancer & choreographer based in London.


The choreographer of his own chronicle, Benjamin believes that complacency is the enemy of innovation


The Innovator’s Bag: The Transformer


The Thinker



Juliana Huxtable is an artist, writer and performer based in New York.


The artist of her own outcomes, Juliana wants to be remembered for what she created and put into the world


The Thinker’s Bag: The Berlin


The Wanderer



Noma Han is a Korean model and tattoo artist based in NewYork.


A tattooist of time, Noma believes that life is a history of moments to experience.


The Wanderer’s Bag: The Heritage Collection


The Creator



Tali Lennox is an artist based in New York.


A creator of her own chronology, Tali believes that in order to predict the future, we must create it.


The Creator’s Bag: The Munich


Inspired by the interstellar, the ground-breaking campaign presents thought-provoking, visually resplendent notions, conceived to inspire and empower the imagination.  Taking a cue from the cosmos, "The Futurists" evokes a seductive glamour taking space travel as a metaphor for achieving new possibilities, and discovering new destinies created by the worlds we define.  Adding a bold new chapter to the MCM narrative, the AW15 campaign celebrates MCM’s commitment to innovation, exploration and creativity in declaring one small step for style, and one giant leap for luxury.  

"The Futurists" was captured by the Munich-born photographer, Daniel Sannwald and seeks to define a new mindset through a global cast of forward-thinking talents from the worlds of art, design and culture.

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