La Vie en Beats

La Vie en Beats

Bling on the Beats: From SoHo to Shanghai, MCM turned it up, raising rooftops and hitting the dance floors of the world in celebrating the latest haute-tech team-up where style meets sound.  Adorned by audiophiles and the global glitterati alike, the high fashion-high tech mashup serves as a sound-off to the convergence of luxury sound and luxury style.

On 11 June, Europe’s beloved ‘City of Lights’ didn’t skip a Beat in painting the town Cognac.  From groove to ‘glam, Paris’ internationally-acclaimed shopping destination, Galeries Lafayette hosted an exclusive Men’s Summer Party, inviting the Beats x MCM Collection to take the stage & partake in the fashion-fête.  No party is complete without a good ‘Beat’ to get the mobs moving, and the exclusive collection worked the crowd in style.

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The high-octane happening debuted a pop-up exposition, showcasing the Beats x MCM collection in a theatrical display of Cognac.


Featuring oversized Dude Pill characters, Visetos Animal Dolls and an ultramodern collective of lifestyle accessories, the treble-charged tribute presented the Beats x MCM Collection within a backlit gilded fixture with an interactive podium where guests could sample the sounds and test their tracks.


The showcase was designed with a dynamic multi-elevated stage, conceived to capture the imagination.


Situated at the centre of the foyer in an island-structured layout, the pop-up podium encouraged guests to see the sounds in a 360-degree gallery-like walkway.


In-between the Beats, guests were offered the one-time opportunity to reserve a piece from the Limited Edition collection, and experience MCM’s latest collections on display.

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From playlist to panache, MCM & Galeries Lafayette lit up Europe’s ‘City of Lights’, debuting a dose of luxury for listening & pleasure.


The first-time collection is inspired by progressivism & fashionology, blurring the lines between innovation in sound and originality in style.

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  The Beats x MCM Collection will be available in store by the end of June 2015.  Want to hear more?  Don’t ‘beat’ around the bag – tune in & learn more about the collection, here:


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