The Birthplace

• MCM stands for Modern Creation München
• MCM was founded in 1976 in Munich, Germany
• MCM grew with a cultural renaissance during the 1970s in Munich
• Munich in the 1970’s was considered the home of the global jet-set
• Munich in the 1970’s continues to inspire the glamorous, rebellious and innovative spirit of MCM to the present day

The Excellence

• MCM prides itself on using the finest quality leathers and materials
• MCM’s craft is rooted in its heritage of excellence in luggage
• MCM products are now designed and manufactured in Italy, Germany and Korea
• MCM manufactures superior quality bags and accessories that are stylish, functional and innovative in both material and design

Brand Identity


• The MCM Logo has come to represent unparalleled craftsmanship
• The letters MCM represent the date 1900 in Roman numerals
• The 1900’s were considered the start of ‘age of travel’
• The MCM spirit is about the continuation of the age of travel in the jet set of the 1970s and the global nomads of the modern day
• The MCM laurel wreath is a symbol of achievement with honor – a symbol of tradition and ambition for progress.
• The MCM diamond pattern used in the monogram is borrowed from an ancient French playing card, symbolizing value, strength, and the respect for tradition.

Monogram & Brass Plate

• Cognac Visetos is MCM’s heritage monogram material
• Brass plate insignia is found on all heritage collection bags, and most products
• Each brass plate is identified by a unique number at the bottom
• All four screws around the brass plate are placed facing inwards towards the logo


The Attitude.

• MCM customers are cosmopolitan professionals who appreciate the essence of luxury
• Seek quality products without compromise in functionality or style
• Confident, independent and sophisticated connoisseurs who are curious for the new, and strive for perfection
• MCM evokes timeless luxury through unconventional creativity, rebellious designs and unexpected styles

The Quality.

• It’s roots lie in the respected artisan skills of German craftsmanship.
• MCM’s concept and vision are constantly being redefined by modern lifestyle and by the pragmatic needs of its future customers.
• MCM is renowned for excellence in European craftsmanship, owing to a heritage of mastery and refinery in workmanship design, leading strong trends with unconventionally stylish designs.

Global Presence

Over 35 countries. Over 300 stores.

MCM flagship boutiques are located in
• Athens
• Beijing
• Berlin
• Dusseldorf
• Hong Kong
• London
• Munich
• New York
• Paris
• Shanghai
• Seoul
• Zurich

• Wholesale distribution to more than 200 prestigious retailers in 35 countries including US, UK, China, Dubai, Italy and Germany
• MCM corporate offices are located in New York, London, Hong Kong, Seoul, Munich, Milan and Zurich
• MCM launched global e-commerce in February 2015, starting in the US and expanding to all regions by 2017